Form of participation

Exhibit Space Rates (min 9 m²):

Indoor equipped space
Includes: space, rear and side walls, carpet, fascia with company name, 1 table & 2 chairs, general aisle cleaning and pavilion security.

Indoor space only
Includes: space, general aisle cleaning, pavilion security.

Booth types:
TYPE A: Inline 1 Side open no
TYPE B: Corner 2 Sides open 5%
TYPE C: Peninsular 3 Sides open 10%
TYPE D: Island 4 Sides open 15%

Booth design:

You could choose either standard equipped booth, or individual design of not equipped space. For more detailed information, please, contact the Technical Department Manager.

Registration fee:

Includes: Computerized registration system, catalogue listing in official exhibition buyers guide, 20 invitations at the exhibition for you and your clients, bages (1 bage at 4 m²).

Absence participation:

  • Correspondence participation: advertising materials distribution, official catalogue entry, advertising radio announcements at the venue during the exhibition period;
  • Company advertising announcements of the inner radio at the pavilion during the exhibition period (1 announce is up to 45 seconds);
  • Official catalogue listing (up to 100 words);
  • Brochures, leaflets, price-lists with commercial information distribution at the registration desk;
  • Flag, banner, pillar placement at the pavilion;
  • Advertising in the official catalog;
  • Advertising materials distribution via promoters.


We invite you to attach yourself to VELO PARK 2015 participants! For more detailed information, please, contact the Project Manager.

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