The one-only VELO PARK blending together an exhibition and a performance ground for the best velo sportsmen of the country is regarded by all visitors as an emotional event which leaves vivid and impressive memories till the next year.

Sponsorship of such events helps to promote brands and establish closer relations with customers what may not always be done through mass media. This fact is supported by a number of contacts with the audience and statistics.

VELO PARK organizers have developed a special sponsorship program for companies and brands which want to make use of all promoting opportunities.

Sponsorship of the exhibition

Press conference, check-in desks, official exhibition catalogue, catering area branding, ground branding.

Sponsorship of contests and demos

The following opportunities are provided: contest ground branding, the organizer’s personnel clothing with your logos, presentations, lotteries, sponsoring of sportsmen and teams.

Sponsorship of events

Sponsoring and organizing events at the exhibition.

Sponsorship of advertising

A reference to a sponsor creates an associative link between the exhibition being visited and the sponsoring company which becomes a partner, co-organizer of the event in the customer’s eyes. This is one of the means to influence the audience and is highly effective and financially cheap.

General sponsorship

This type of sponsorship includes a full range of opportunities individually selected for each company.

For more detailed information, please, contact k.lokotkova@rte-expo.ru

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